The Senior Team GTA, Code of Ethics

We are problem solving Realtors. We have various codes of ethics imposed on us, from national to board level and as registrants under Real Estate Council of Ontario. We adhere to all codes but imposed rules do not guarantee ethical behaviour from every professional. We adhere to a higher standard that naturally is within us, along with the imposed guidelines on how we conduct our daily practice.

Ethical behaviour dominates how we treat our clients. Specializing in the more complex aspects of real estate is not easy. We have chosen our path as we know that we have the special skills that are needed by our clients and that at all times we are here to guide, council and serve. Our clients will always be respected and protected.

We recognize that many of our clients are undergoing stress either from events, family situations or for health issues. Many are vulnerable but no one has the right to take advantage of someone’s vulnerability.

When confronted with a conflict of interest or when we need additional expertise, we must endeavour to find the right professionals for our clients above our own interests.

We value and protect your privacy and do not share any personal information without your knowledge and consent.

The summation of our ethics is simplistic, “we do not sell our clients, we serve them!”