Estates and the Real Estate Process

Few people have experience as Estate trustee, save for professionals. It can be a daunting undertaking.

Few Realtors have the necessary experience to work with an estate. Any Realtor can list and sell, but an estate sale demands so much more.

As a Master-Accredited Senior Agent and the founder of the ASA professional designation program for Canadian Realtors, Barry Lebow wrote the training manuals for this aspect of real estate and has trained hundreds of Realtors across Canada.

For an estate, before listing and working with the Estate trustee, Barry will undertake the following:

  • undertake a written market valuation;
  • bring in his downsizing professionals who will sort the contents:  what is sentimental and will remain with the family but may have to be shipped, what has value and should be sold, what can be donated and what charities will take what, and last, bring in service people to clean out the remainder to be discarded.
  • Barry will show better ways than the back-breaking work and nickel and dime proceeds of garage sales;
  • Barry will arrange for goods not just to be donated but ensure charitable receipts are received;
  • once a house is cleared, repairs or renovations usually have to be made; Barry will guide the Estate trustee in deciding what repairs are necessary and which renovations are worthwhile, all with a ‘dollars spent to dollars back’ approach;
  • Barry has professional appraisers whose expertise ranges from real estate to antiques;
  • he can recommend lawyers who are knowledgeable about estates, when requested;
  • some estates are complicated and accountants who understand the complexities are needed;
  • where families are at odds, as they often are in estate cases, Barry works with difficult family situations or Family Wars and has professionals who offer family mediation for difficult circumstances.
  • where families are at odds, as is often the case with estates, Barry works with these difficult situations, or Family Wars, and has professionals who offer family mediation, if necessary.

Selling an estate is not easy but Barry brings ease to the process and has for hundreds of families over his career.

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A Guide for Selling an Estate Property

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